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Our business is built on three fundamental principles: accuracy, collaboration and trust. 
These are the keys to better working relationships and better outcomes.

By working with our extremely capable and professional staff, your business gains access
to a range of expert financial management and accounting services that are tailored to
their individual needs. 

Individual and business taxation services

Paul D Harris Chartered Accountants provides clients with a complete and tailored taxation
consulting, planning and compliance service. Whether it’s an individual tax return, business
tax planning, or family trust administration, our team has the capability and industry expertise
to ensure you gain maximum benefit while fully complying with legal regulations. 

Business Activity Statements and GST

Whether you prepare your own business activity statements (BAS), instalment activity
statements (IAS) and Annual GST returns, or whether you’d like us to prepare it all on your
behalf, our team can provide the training and advice or the complete service to ensure
your business complies with the taxation regulations. 

Business administration and computer accounting systems

Depending on your business size and your in-house business administration and accounting
capabilities, Paul D Harris Chartered Accountants has the skills and resources to support
your administration obligations where needed: from coaching in MYOB to other administrative
accounting and bookkeeping support, we can tailor a service to suit your circumstances. 

Business planning

When caught in the day-to-day running of a medium-sized or family-owned business,
it’s often difficult for principals to hover above their business to see the bigger picture
of budgeting and planning. Our team regularly assists clients take a step away from the
day-to-day running of their business and advise them on business planning, budgeting,
cash-flow planning and other business issues.

Business structure 

As your financial matters become more complex, choosing the right business and personal
structure can be vitally important to minimise taxation implications. Our team can advise you
on the right business structure, business succession and restructuring plans for family businesses.


For many, superannuation becomes their biggest asset. Structuring it and administering
it wisely can make a big difference when it comes time to accessing it. 

Finance and borrowing

Our team can appropriately advise you on finance and borrowing structures for major personal,
investment, or business purchases. We can also provide services including the preparation of
financial statements and business reviews.


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